Golden Visa

Enjoy your life in Greece!

The Golden Visa Program in Greece is the most affordable real estate residency visa scheme in Europe as it demands only an investment of 250.000 euros. For as long as you keep this investment you acquire access of the Golden Visa for you and your family, with the possibility of renting the property and not living there.

It's Greece

Have a second residence in one of the most attractive regions worldwide, with the Mediterranean climate, Greek gastronomy and long tradition of hospitality!

Travel with ease

The right to stay in Greece and travel to all the 26 countries of the Schengen area directly, without a visa.

Future Value

Investing in a property in Greece, ​​ a real estate market with great potential for revaluation in the future.

Safe Place

Have a pied-à-terre in a safe country like Greece, which given the strategic location it allows you to travel quickly.

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